WWMD (what will Malema do)?

So Eugene Terreblanche has been murdered. And although it is probably unrelated, the fact that it happened while the country debates the appropriateness of struggle songs like “kill the boer” is going to put the whole debate in stark relief. It is a real life example of what the song’s critics have been saying, and Malemaphobes will gloat into their G&T’s. And while it is unlikely that a tubeless rendition of the song inspired anyone to put a bullet into a sleeping Mr Terreblanche, it will be interesting to see what Julius Malema does next. Will he back down and stop singing it? Will he publicly condemn the murder and say that actually doing it is not what he meant? Or will he stick to the principle he’s been holding forth and sing it at the next opportunity? It’s a quandry I’m not sure he has the intellectual capacity to negotiate. But it will be an important political test for him…his own watershed moment. He’ll either emerge from it statesman-like, or as an insensitive buffoon. It could be the political making of him, or the start of a slide into life on the lunatic political fringes. We wait.

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