Julius’ blog site at risk of deletion

While he’s getting all frothy about the fact that he is being impersonated on Twitter, ANC Youth League President Julius Malema might be ignoring an even more catastrophic scenario on the horison.

He runs a blog at www.juliusmalema.co.za – not a bad looking one, actually. Short on words, big pic (and who said the internet doesn’t reflect real life?) Check it out while you can…because it could well get deleted in a week or two. A WHOIS search for the ownership of the domain juliusmalema.co.za shows that someone hasn’t being paying the bills – and the domain is earmarked for deletion. That means that it goes back into the mighty domain pot in the sky and it is first come first served….and with, apparantly, a national fixation around impersonating the mighty Twitter-killer, I reckon there are dozens of wannabees sitting with fingers poised to snap up the domain the second it becomes available. Then it’s anybody’s bet as to what will happen, and what the reaction will be.

Fortunately for Mr Malema there is a precedent and cybersquatting on domains is (marginally) easier to fix than a flood of Twitternators (my word, feel free to use it or, in the ANCYL’s case, miss-spell it in a press release). They could do a Madonna (no, not wear pointy nipples and sing about being a virgin….although that does have a certain appeal) and appeal to ICANN, as she did in 2000 to retrieve her name from a squatter.

Or they could just pay the bill. It’s only R50 and, really Mr Malema, it is probably a lot easier.

Here’s the screengrab, click to see it full size (ANCYL – that’s, um, the little clicky buttony thing on the LEFT hand side (the hand you don’t shake with) of the mousy looking thing with a wire coming out of it next to your computer, which is the shiny thing in front of you….no, not your BMW….oh never mind. Ask someone else to show you.)

PS Love the email address given as the invoicing address. The optimism of Youth. But it does explain why they haven’t been getting the invoices – they’re arriving in Kgalema Mothlanthe’s inbox.

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